Florece Prenatal Center


The Pregnancy Resource Center’s Impact

Located in Iquique, Chile, FLORECE Prenatal Center is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year. Since its founding, the center has:

  • Witnessed 33 salvation decisions
  • Helped 226 individual clients
  • Seen 46 babies be born
  • Taught 437 maternity classes
  • Hosted 728 Bible study lessons

How FLORECE Prenatal Center Cares for Expecting Mothers

FLORECE provides free pregnancy tests, weekly maternity classes, and post-abortion counseling. The prenatal center started a “Baby Boutique” for the expecting mothers to reward the women for attending maternity classes. For each maternity class they attend, the women receive points to redeem at the boutique in exchange for items like diapers and formula.

Currently, the city is overwhelmed by a wave of Venezuelan immigrants. The prenatal center provides an alternative option to an abortion clinic for the immigrants. Many of the immigrants live in basic situations with some on the streets in tents. Among other duties, volunteers help package and hand out food boxes for those in need.

helped since its founding in 2016
Bible studies
Babies born
and 437 maternity classes taught

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As a Student Intern, you will have the opportunity to experience life-on-life with our missionary team in Iquique, Chile in many different ministries. The requirements are few–our team is looking for one female student who loves Jesus, loves people and is willing to try new things as she builds relationships and shares the Gospel with those who have not heard.