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Ray & Grace Brandon

United States

Ray is working with EveryEthne teaching M3 conferences for pastors on discipleship, leadership development, and church planting while raising support. Most Saturday evenings you will find Ray and Grace at home with anywhere from 12-30 family members, friends, and neighbors gathered around their dinner table for Lord's Day Dinner. They sing Psalms, read Scripture, and feast. Together they believe that God will accomplish the Great Commission (Mt 28) and in faith celebrate that Jesus is putting all things under his feet (Psalm 110).

About Their Ministry

Ray is passionate about leadership development and church maturity, leading people to salvation in Jesus, being discipled, and planting new churches. He believes that when Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission command, Jesus expected his followers to complete the work God gave them. Ray often says that God weaves multiplication into the fabric of all creation and, ipso facto, redemption. Ray and Grace build relationships between Christians and churches to accomplish the task.

Together, the Brandons have a positive, hopeful, grounded-in-Scripture view of what God can do through the American church today and in the future. Jesus is the church’s foundation and it needs a multiplication movement that flourishes for at least the next 500 years and builds on that foundation through strategic, ordinary, plodding discipleship that leads to church multiplication and sending many more workers into the harvest. Working cooperatively with others, Ray thinks and acts with the long view in mind, for there is much work to be done.

Many Churches in North America are struggling and we are still hopeful. God is still working as the church is being pushed to the margins by an increasingly secular godless society. Secularism and its idolatrous lure leave people empty and broken, needing healing from the only One who can save them. God is also stirring up people groups through immigration. These people are open to the gospel and seek existential connection in a world of upheaval. The gospel's promise is flourishing, and God calls his people to rekindle reformation and revival in their lives, families, and churches.

Join Their Support Team

Ray and Grace are currently raising support to go full-time as soon as possible. Pray for additional partnerships. The support team members contribute through prayer and financial contribution and help Ray and Grace connect with churches, pastors, potential planters, and other potential support team members. Ray continues to preach at Northbridge Church and counsel at Cornerstone Counseling Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan as he raises support. The goal is to go full-time as soon as possible in order to focus time and energy on church multiplication.

Ray and Grace extend your ministry throughout the United States and Canada; they pray for you and communicate regularly with the support team.

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