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Nathan & Stephanie Melton


Nathan was born in Japan as a missionary kid and was immersed in the culture and his parent’s ministry growing up. Having been born in the country, he got the unique opportunity to attend public Japanese school, allowing him to be fluent in the language and customs. As Nathan grew in these environments, he saw the deep need of the people’s hearts from the spiritual darkness of the land. He felt called to full-time mission’s work at the age of 16 and has pursued it ever since.

Stephanie grew up in NYC where her parents actively served as pastors to inner city youth and young adults. Stephanie knew from the age of 6 that she wanted to serve in missions work, bringing the gospel to the nations. As she attend Bob Jones she felt her heart align with Nathan and they felt God leading them together and pointing toward Japan. She is looking forward to using her gifts and talents to serve the Lord in Japan with her family.

Their Ministry

The will of God for them to bring biblical counselling in Japan became clear as they worked to understand the calling in their lives. Nathan had the privilege of graduating with his MA in Biblical Counselling in May of 2022 from Bob Jones University. Stephanie decided to pursue a biblical counselling certification to serve alongside her husband. They are partnered with a mission work in Japan already that will allow them to work in a new Christian school once it finished being constructed. Stephanie’s degree in Music Education will be instrumental to the ministry and the work they will be doing.

Our mission is to create a Biblical Counselling Centre where:

  • The Gospel will be clearly presented
  • People will find refuge, comfort, and rest in Jesus Christ
  • God will be the center of all counselling.
  • All will be welcome to receive counselling.
  • It will be a safe haven for missionaries and their children

How To Get Invovled

Your prayers, donations, and support will go to reaching the people of Japan, through discipleship and biblical counselling, and in the future will help build the Biblical Counselling Centre. We welcome all prayer, financial support, and individual involvement in our journey to the mission field. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on the progress of our ministry in Japan.

If you are interested in our ministry and would like to come to Japan to join our ministry with the gifts God has given to you, we would love to find out how God plans to use you in reaching the lost souls of Japan.

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