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Julie Redmer

United States

Julie was 19 years old when she held her first baby, disowned by her parents and abandoned by the baby’s father. Overwhelmed, she cried out to God for the first time: “I need you! There’s no way I can mother my baby on my own.”

Ten weeks later, God answered her prayer through a plumber who arrived to fix a plumbing issue in her apartment. He handed her a Bible and a tract and shared the gospel with her. Julie gave her life to Christ. The next year, she married the plumber.

Several years later, Julie and her husband heard a missionary speak at their church and were inspired to become missionaries. When that door closed, they committed to serving God and supporting his work where they were.

They followed the business as mission model, sharing the gospel with employees, vendors, and customers while also serving in church and parachurch ministries, including ABWE. Julie’s husband Randy has served on the ABWE Board since 2013.

Julie now serves as director of ABWE’s Heart, Mind, and Soul seminars. She provides operational direction to missionaries who train churches to lovingly share the gospel with those from different social and religious backgrounds. 

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