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Joel and Misti Diffenderfer


Throughout their lives, God has prompted Joel and Misti to serve an unreached people group—the Japanese.

Misti trusted Christ as a young teen after God used hardships to show her his grace. Joel trusted Christ after high school, when his eyes were opened to the holiness of God and his need for Christ through a sermon on Isaiah 6.

God nudged both Joel and Misti toward Japan through friendships with Japanese nationals, and led them to attend a college program in Japan hosted by ABWE missionaries. Burdened by the need for gospel witness, they returned to Japan after college as tentmakers: both worked while they served in a church plant.

Once back in the US, Joel began working for a Japanese company. Through the witness of their church, God showed Joel and Misti the necessity of the local church in reaching a community. “We are convinced that Christ furthers the gospel by building churches on that gospel,” they explain.

After completing additional training in the US, the Diffenderfers returned to Japan to pastor a church, filling in for ABWE missionaries on furlough. They are now preparing to serve as long-term church planters in Tokyo. 

Ministry In Japan

Joel and Misti are passionate about relationship-building, evangelism, discipleship, and equipping Japanese Christians to do the work of the church.

Over 99% of Japanese do not know of their need for redemption and reconciliation.  They don't know of their offense against the most holy God. And they don't know of His extravagant mercy, love, and grace. The evangelical church has a negative growth rate every year.  Missionaries are necessary to both help build and strengthen churches.

How You Can Be Involved

  • Pray salvation for the 99+% of Japanese who stand condemned before the One True Creator God.
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