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Joan Schmitz

The Gambia

The Gambian people need to hear about Jesus. It is my joy to be our ABWE Gambia Team Leader, business facilitator with our NGO status, and Local church planting assistant in the Banjul, Gambia area. It is a privilege this year to partner with Omega Church and Charity Foundation in bringing the gospel to many different people who live on the North Bank.

Praise the Lord I have finished my first term serving in the Gambia. It has been a privilege to have a small Bible study with Muslim girls who are learning about the Grace of Jesus Christ. One of the girls accepted Christ as her personal Savior. The Lord has given me an open door with Muslim women friends to be a witness to in my apartment building. I hope to see what I can do with them to open the door for the Gospel next term.

How You Can Pray

  • Pray for the Omega Clinic as it continues to run under the Omega Foundation.
  • Pray for God to increase our missionary family to serve in the Gambia.
  • Pray for funds to come in for a vehicle I will be buying. Total cost is $10,000.



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