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Stefan and Jenny Bacioiu


Jenny has been a missionary with ABWE serving in Romania since 2011. At the beginning of her ministry, she worked in a state-run orphanage. It was during this time that she saw that while programs in orphanages are needed, the greater need is for the kids to have a family. As a result of this need, she started fostering in 2016. Outside of fostering children, she has worked in two Roma gypsy villages assisting with church planting through children's ministries.

Stefan was born and raised in Romania. His parents were Bible smugglers under communism and his family has a strong Christian heritage. Despite this, he walked away from the church for 18 years, until God worked in his heart to show him that he needed a personal relationship with Him. In 2017, his life radically changed and he left his job to pursue full-time ministry. He spent 6 months as a missionary in Moldova and it was there he saw his need for more theological training. In 2019, he started attending a Bible institute and graduated in 2021. During Bible school, he helped in various church plants. 

In 2020, Stefan and Jenny met through a ministry they were both helping with and in 2021 they were married. Today they are raising support to return to Romania where they will be planting churches in an area of Romania that is one of the most unevangelized. As part of church planting they will be doing children's ministry, evangelism, and social outreaches. They will also be fostering medically fragile/hard-to-adopt children.

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