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James and Melissa Fife


James and Melissa Fife serve in Mango, a Muslim-majority city in northern Togo, West Africa. The parents of eight children, James and Melissa have served with ABWE since 2016. They have a heart for the people of northern Togo, including one of West Africa's largest unreached people groups, the Tchkossi people.

They serve alongside missionary and Togolese teammates with Hope Radio. Hope Radio, or Radio Espérance, as it's known locally, exists to bring the hope that we have in Christ to the people of northern Togo, Burkina Faso and northern Benin, through on-air Bible reading in multiple tribal languages, quality Christian content and music in both French and tribal languages, and live shows featuring call-in segments that address pertinent local concerns and engage listeners in theological and practical discourse.

More than just broadcasting high quality programming, Hope Radio chaplains provide follow-up engagement in local villages throughout the region, visiting on a regular basis in order to facilitate bible studies with the potential to grow into local church plants. In addition to working on translations for broadcasts, our translation team collaborates on special projects, such as the first-ever complete translation of the Bible in Anufo, the language of the Tchkossi people.

In addition to their work with the radio ministry, James and Melissa seek to practice hospitality and develop close relationships within the Mango community, which serves to open doors with believers and non-believers alike, facilitating intentional opportunities for evangelism and discipleship.

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