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DM and AM


DM and AM are a couple from Costa Rica and America. After living the first few years of marriage in Costa Rica, they decided to follow God's calling to share the Gospel and make disciples in the most remote places of Mongolia. DM is an Industrial Design Engineer who worked for many years as a design advisor. AM is a Spanish teacher and elementary teacher who worked for some years in Costa Rica as a preschool teacher in an English immersion school. After a few years of preparation, they left Costa Rica in 2022 and moved to Mongolia. In Mongolia they partner with an NGO that focuses on veterinary and educational training. Through this NGO DM and AM are able to bring the Gospel to the very isolated areas of Mongolia and are able to connect with the local churches and believers to encourage and disciple them.


Their Ministry

DM and AM are based in the capital city of Mongolia. During the year they do several trips to the rural areas of Mongolia. These trips are 2 to 6 weeks long with hard living conditions. During these trips they visit small towns and meet with the local schools to help in the local English language classes and give teacher trainings. While in these small communities they also visit the local church or local believers if there are any. DM and AM encourage and disciple the believers and church leaders. Also, when there are opportunities DM and AM share the Gospel with people that they meet in the communities. Sometimes the believers live very far from any town therefore it may take hours to be able to locate these Christians. This is because 40% of Mongolia's population live in a nomadic or semi-nomadic way.

When DM and AM are in the city they disciple the people in the NGO with whom they partner. With the intention that the local people can also effectively reach and disciple the rural areas of Mongolia. DM and AM also serve in a program to reach the college students of Veterinary and Education universities. They give English language classes as well as teach modern education techniques to education students. During these lessons they build relationships and teach bible lessons with the hopes of sharing the Gospel to the university students.


How To Get Involved

With your support DM and AM can effectively reach the rural areas and the nomadic population of Mongolia. The NGO that they partner with has unique access to some of the most remote places in Mongolia.

You can get involved in their ministry by supporting them financially to reach the unreached, to reach herders, to disciple believers who live hours away from the closest church, to reach those who live in areas so remote that they live without any electricity, or internet access. Therefore, the only way for anyone to hear God's Word, or have access to Christian resources is when they visit them.


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