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Antonio and Diana Navarrete


Antonio and Diana Navarrete serve as churchplanters on the outskirts of Mexico City, Mexico. Antonio originally from Mexico City. Diana is from Michigan. They met while Diana was ministering for two years, in Mexico, as missionary. She worked with street kids and in the church Antonio and his family attended. They were married in 1988 and moved to the USA to live and and study Bible. God brought ABWE missionaries William and Rosie Stoner into their lives in 1992. They churchplanted with the Stoners in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In July of 1997, they joined the ABWE family. In November of 2000, they returned to Mexico.


Since the year 2000, the Navarretes have participated in the planting and equipping of a church in Valle Dorado, Mexico and Trojes Baptist Church in Cuautitlan, Mexico. In 2016, while planting the church in Cuautitlan, Mexico, God allowed the Navarretes to begin a Bible Training Center to equip and train Pastors, leaders, teachers, and missionaries. In January of 2023, the first group of five students graduated. All of the students are now leaders in their churches. One student was examined, ordained and installed as Pastor of Trojes Baptist Church.

During their time in Cuautitlan God also allowed the Navarretes to begin missions in Pisaflores, Veracruz, and Metepec/Toluca, Mexico. Trojes Baptist Church is continuing the ministry in Veracruz. Lordwilling, the Navarretes will move to Metepec/Toluca in January of 2024. Along with the believers in the mission there, they will plant a third church. The Bible Training Center will also begin a third group of students in Metepec/Toluca.

The Navarretes, with help of their children, also have a Coffee Shoppe ministry.

Mexico City and the surrounding area, is home to an estimated 32 million people. 2.4 million cars, not counting taxis and buses circulate everyday. Less than 2% of the country's population claim to be evangelical Christians.

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At the time of this writing, Antonio, Diana and their children are the only ABWE missionaries in the Mexico City area. Please pray for more missionaries to join them. Please pray for the men and women studying in the Bible Training to graduate not only with Biblical knowledge but also with a passion and heart for evangelism and discipleship. That all would answer the call to ministry or missions.

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