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Russell and Cathy Matthews


Russ & Cathy Matthews have served in Australia since 2006. Their ministries have included church planting, evangelism, children's ministries, film reviews, evangelistic events, training and working in the media.

Ministries: City Bible Forum, Third Space, Reel Dialogue, God in 60 Seconds, Bible Study Fellowship and working with the local churches.

They have been married for over 30 years and have been blessed with four children and numerous grandchildren.

About Their Ministry

Russ serves alongside the City Bible Forum / Third Space team to grow the opportunities of evangelism in the workplace and broader community. He writes interactive film reviews for Reel Dialogue and develops events/resources for evangelistic outreach. Russ is the author of the book: The Word Becomes Film: A Modern Day Parable That Introduces a Radically Easy Way of Talking About God's Story (Available on Amazon). He oversees the ministries of God in 60 Seconds, The Edge and various other projects.

Cathy is a Children's Leader in the Bible Study Fellowship ministry. She also does work with the local church to assist with the children's program and the women's ministries.

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