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Arian & Yaly Molina

United States

Arian, Yalisdeny (Yaly) and their sons, Pablo and David, are from the Caribbean island of Cuba.

Arian grew up absorbing Cuba's atheist and communist culture until he began reading the Bible in his late teens. Reading John 1:12, he saw that God was inviting him to be his son. Arian joyfully trusted Christ that day in 1999. 

“Our lives have changed since we met Jesus,” Arian and Yaly shared. “It was a conviction from the beginning that God was looking for us to follow him.”

The Molinaś have planted 5 new churches (3 in their own country of Cuba and 2 in Ecuador, where they ministered as missionaries from 2015 to 2019). While in Ecuador, they trained a group of indigenous Quechua leaders. Some of the students are serving the Lord as pastors and missionaries today in Quechua communities in the mountains of north Ecuador. Before coming to the United States, they also were invited to help start a new spanish ministry in Guyana. While there, they continued to learn English and prepare for coming to the U.S.

Now in the U.S, the Molinas are preparing in 2024 to plant a Spanish speaking international church in the Columbus, OH, area that is focused on the spiritual growth of all believers, the numeric growth of disciples making disciples, and the regional growth of sending out leaders. The Molinas are passionate and committed to reach lost people among the latinos and other unreached groups in the United States. They also want to declare and bring the glory of the knowledge of God to all in the extension of the church. The Molinas have the need of partners and also the opportunity to the people of God committed to do the work of God.

You can collaborate with the Molina family and be part of their ministry to invest and reap together with them in the kingdom of God:

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