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Ben & Sara Pryce


Ben and Sara Pryce developed a love for Uganda in 2017 when they took a year long short term trip with their four kids. Ben is an associate pastor and Sara works remotely with Amazon Business. They have seven kids: Emma, Nora, Aniyah, Liam, Rory, Izyiah, and Kaleena. They seek to return to Uganda and serve with Reaching Africa's Unreached in training pastors and church leaders. They will be also working with the unreached Aringa, Madi, and people of the Metu Mountains.

The Pryce's have seen this first hand in their time in Kotido, Uganda the need for discipleship and training amongst church leaders. Growing up with a lack of discipleship in their own walks have taught Ben and Sara how important it is to be trained and prepared to serve God. The Pryces are excited to go and pour into the unreached and least reached peoples of Northwest Uganda.

It is estimated that 85% of pastors and church leaders, around the world, have no theological training. In Northern Uganda it maybe closer to 90 or 95%. How are believers to carry out the work of Christ with no training? How do believers fight off heresy and false teaching if they have no training? When people give to the Pryces they will be helping prepare Ugandan pastors and church leaders to minister their own people.

How can others get involved? If people desire to get involved with the Pryces they can pray for ministry partners, they can give monthly or one time gifts, and they can follow along with them at


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