Ukraine Crisis Fund


The Ukraine Crisis fund provides aid to Ukrainians and supports gospel centered outreach ministries led by ABWE missionaries and partners, serving both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries.

The war has cruelly deprived millions of Ukrainians of their homes, their livelihood and their peace. Yet amid the violence and destruction of war, the church of Jesus Christ has risen to compassionately serve hurting people and share the gospel in time of great need.  

From the first day of the invasion, ABWE’s team of missionaries began working with partners in Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova to transport, house, feed, and minister to the spiritual needs of tens of thousands who were fleeing the war in Ukraine.  Our missionaries have joined with more than 50 partner churches in Eastern Europe to distribute more than 60,000 meals and other forms of aid to refugees. More than 25,000 refugees have received some sort of assistance from ABWE and its partners. Thousands have heard a clear presentation of the gospel, and more than 3,500 Bibles and tracts have been distributed among the sheltering refugees.  

“This crisis is affecting our missionaries in several countries and the costs are significant as we work to help refugees who have little-to-nothing,” wrote ABWE missionary Rich D. from a newly formed refugee home, where he and his wife are caring for 30 displaced Ukrainian women and their children. “These families [can do nothing] but hope and trust in the compassion of others.” 

Although the situation in Ukraine is still unstable, ABWE missionaries are also working in the country to provide aid to frontline towns in the east and the south. Grace Church in Mykolaiv ministers to around 1000 people every week who come to receive aid packets and drinking water. 

In Kyiv, God’s Design Church has completely restructured their ministries to reach internally displaced people. As a result, the church has grown considerably, and several baptisms were held in 2022. Through a partnership with the Christian Medical Association, ABWE has also helped to provide 1,400 pounds of medicine and medical supplies to Ukrainians in need as a result of the war.  

As the war continues, the needs continue to be great for Ukrainians. Supporting the Ukraine Crisis Fund will ensure that gospel centered ministries can continue to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs. 

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Fleeing To Salvation

ABWE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund provides help for a frightened mother and her son.

Missions On The Frontlines

See the amazing things missionary Caleb Suko is seeing happen in devastated Ukraine through the help from the Ukraine Crisis Fund.