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Many in the world are hurting right now, but the Lord is at work to heal them, despite injustice.

Meet Shirley.

ABWE missionaries Steve and Sue Mayo, church planters near Sydney, Australia, met Shirley in 2016 when she first visited their church.

As a young girl, Shirley was taken from her mother and placed unjustly into a state orphanage simply because she was Aboriginal. But Shirley did not become bitter.

White families “borrowed” Shirley as a playmate for their children, then returned her to the orphanage. But one Christian family decided to adopt her.

Shirley and her new sisters were bullied for looking so different. But God was at work. Shirley embraced Christ as her Lord and Savior through her family’s witness. She never felt vengeful.

Shirley was regarded as not truly Aboriginal nor “white.” She felt like she didn’t belong. Yet God used her in both worlds. She engaged in missions to reach Aboriginals, taught children, boldly shared the gospel, and practiced hospitality. She forgave the people that had wronged her.

By the time Steve and Sue met her, Shirley had bone marrow cancer. As a “stolen” Aboriginal, her medical records were hard to find, making a bone marrow transplant challenging. Her biological sister was a perfect match, but wouldn’t help because Shirley was “white.”

Shirley forgave—again. “The Lord has a better plan,” she said.

One day, while the Mayos visited Shirley in the hospital, she looked out the window and commented, “That cloud is going to be the cloud that takes me to heaven.” Sue squeezed her hand.

Shirley went to be with Christ hours later.

Sharing Hope for Injustice and Suffering

Shirley proves that the answer to injustice, suffering, and death is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That’s why ABWE missionaries like the Mayos continue to preach the gospel to people groups like the Aboriginals and throughout the world.

But missionaries need help and support to continue their work. The Global Gospel Fund serves all 1,000 ABWE missionaries so that they’re free to spread Christ.

By giving to the Global Gospel Fund, you can help missionaries eternally impact the lives of lost, rejected people—like Shirley.

We know times are uncertain. Every dollar helps enable our missionaries to stay on mission and we are so grateful for your faithful commitment to world evangelism.

Time is short. Eternity matters. Would you consider partnering with us this year for the sake of the gospel?

Until all have heard,

Paul Davis
ABWE President


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