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The Lasting Impact of the Choose Life Center in Odessa, Ukraine

In the midst of Ukraine’s ongoing challenges, God’s grace is evident through the work of the Choose Life Center in Odessa. Despite the center having to close for several months due to the conflict, the ministry has adapted and continued to serve the community in transformative ways.

Key Statistics (as of August 2023)

  • Total number of clients served since 2014: 322
  • New clients in 2023: 21
  • One-on-one counseling sessions in 2023: 209
  • Babies born in 2023: 6
  • Active volunteers in 2023: 19
  • Professions of Faith in 2022: 3 clients, 2 of whom were baptized in a local church

Ministry Amidst Adversity

The center had to adapt its operations due to the war, moving many of its services online and reducing its physical presence. However, since August 2022, the center has resumed regular hours and is in the process of training a new group of volunteers. Many of the new clients are individuals who have been displaced by the war, arriving either pregnant or with infants, in desperate need of support.

Comprehensive Support for Expecting Mothers

The Choose Life Center offers more than just pregnancy tests and sonograms. It provides a holistic approach to crisis pregnancy counseling, covering topics like parenting, marriage, and Bible studies. Clients can also attend group childbirth preparation classes and a monthly mom’s club.

Earn While You Learn

To encourage consistent engagement, the center operates a rewards system. For each class attended, clients earn essential baby items like diapers, staple food packets, and at times, cribs or strollers.

Spiritual Healing and Education

The center also offers a 10-week post-abortion healing ministry using the material “Forgiven & Set Free.” Additionally, a program focusing on God’s plan for sexual intimacy is in the works, aiming to resume as soon as possible.

Your support can make a lasting impact on the lives of these mothers and their children. Join us in this vital ministry as we continue to serve the people of Ukraine in Christ’s name.

1 in 4
pregnancies end in abortion
in Ukraine
abortions performed/day
mostly on women 20 years and younger

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