New Life Prenatal Center


Marlen serves as the Director of the New Life Prenatal Center. Located in Peru, the New Life specializes in crisis pregnancies and trauma, offering comprehensive services related to pregnancy, abortion, and abuse.

The pregnancy resource center seeks to evangelize to, disciple, and provide biblical counseling to all of its clients. The missionary volunteers and prenatal center staff invite their clients to local churches and promote biblical values. These values include the sanctity of human life, value of sexual integrity, and importance of a strong family unit. The center also teaches these classes at surrounding churches to serve as a source of knowledge, inspiration, and training in biblical counseling and pro-life topics.

In the past 20 years, New Life Prenatal Center has:

  • Performed 2,046 free ultrasounds
  • Helped 7,488 new clients
  • Conducted 8,647 prenatal check-ups
  • Provided 28,091 appointments

Because of COVID-19, the prenatal center has urgent needs. While the missionary team and Marlen have big dreams for the clinic, the center's financial state has left them with barely enough to get by. With your financial help and faithful prayers, New Life Prenatal Center could make it into 2022 and grow to serve more women in Peru. 

Partner with Marlen and New Life Prenatal Center!

80% of women choose life when they visit New Life Prenatal Center
57% of all abortions are women 20-29
2,356 clients have professed faith

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