The Missions Podcast

The Missions Podcast exists to help goers think and thinkers go.

Far too often in the world of missions, our ministry activity is devoid of sound, biblical, doctrinal content. At the same time, it’s common throughout the church world for those who love theology to forget about the Great Commission.

Each week, Alex Kocman and Scott Dunford deliver hard-hitting, stimulating, and challenging content from experts in theology and missiology, all in a casual, conversational format.

You can find ways to listen here or explore the full episode archive here.

By supporting The Missions Podcast, you’ve enabling the show to reach more listeners, produce better content, and expand its impact among missionaries. You’re equipping gospel workers around the world with encouragement, rich teaching, and valuable resources for both them and their church families back home.

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Alex Kocman

Alex serves as Director of Communications and Engagement.

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