Mobilizing to Unreached People Groups (Myanmar)

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A group of indigenous evangelical leaders in Myanmar have mobilized to strategically reach unreached people groups in the country. An "unreached people group" or "UPG," is a people group that has less than 2% Christian adherents.

For this project, indigenous missionaries are based at community mission stations throughout Myanmar where they provide services like teaching music, motorcycle repair, a barbershop, agriculture, and teaching English. These missionaries are reaching people who have never met a Christian, never heard the name of Jesus, and have no Bible in their language.

There are currently 22 missionary families, serving in 13 mission stations dedicated to reaching those who have never heard. They have overseen the translation of three new UPG languages for their evangelism tool, a Gospel booklet called "The Ancient Path," and they are cultivating relationships for four more translations. One of these will be an oral audio book version as one targeted UPG does not have a written script yet in their mother tongue. There is also a sewing ministry and a mobile medical clinic ministry on this field.

Right now, the children of the missionary families are doing online homeschool, provided by a partner church in a different location of the country. For Christmas, consider buying some of the materials needed for these kids to do their schoolwork while their parents work in remote areas of the country to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

Meet Kim Tang

Kim was saved in a local church in his community in 1999, at the age of 17. After high school graduation, he went to Bible college and Seminary, graduating in 2006. After graduation he became a church planter, successfully planting a church in a year and a half.

Desiring to have more education, he left for India and graduated with an M. Div. in 2010. Kim pastored for two more years before accepting the post of “Missions Mobilizer” with his denomination in 2013. After serving in that capacity for 2 years, in 2015 he accepted the post of Director of Missions and Evangelism. It was his vision to launch a pioneering movement of Unreached People Groups for his denomination.

Kim has relocated his family to this unreached people group mission field and when his term as Missions Director concludes, he will remain on this field as a Missions Director for this initiative to reach the many UPGs in this region.

an indigenous missionary to UPGs
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one lady from UPG to attend sewing course

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