International Student Ministry (Ukraine)


In Ukraine there are 540 universities with two million students. These schools are home to future society influencers from all over Ukraine and all over the world. Sagar and his wife Nina work to primarily reach international students from places like India and the Middle East who are studying in the big Ukrainian city.

They have several strategies including offering Russian and English tutoring as a way to build relationships, small groups for prayer and storytelling, visiting other universities and inviting students to events, and discipleship training so that students can learn to reach other students.

Meet the Leader: Sagar and Nina

Sagar was born in India into a family with a different religious background. But Sagar trusted the Lord for salvation in 2000 and has since studied and worked with the goal of gaining experience and training for global Gospel work.

Sajith's wife, Nina, is Ukrainian and has served in her church and desired to be a global Gospel worker since she was a teenager. She has experience in ministry with teens, women, small groups, and outreach trips. They live together with their children in Ukraine working among international university students.

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