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New Page Ministries is a collaboration between Ingrid (biblical counseling ministry) and Bo (IAMoneworld creative ministry). After 35+ years of modern spirituality and New Age teachings, God opened their eyes and they became followers of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Born in the Netherlands, they now serve full time in New Page Ministries – From New Age to God’s Word, in Spain (Alicante) and online.

They serve in 4 ways:

BOAT Fellowship – prayer meetings, Bible study, lectures etc. in the center of Alicante.

IAMoneworld – creative media ministry, research & evangelism.

Biblical Counseling ministry – local and online.

HOMe (House Of Ministry españa) – hospitality, encouragement & edification. A place for workers to retreat and/or serve.

Project BOAT has been running since 2021, HOMe since 2022. Within these projects Ingrid and Bo work together with local brothers and sisters from different ages and nationalities. They are connected to a Spanish-speaking and Dutch-speaking church and to an English-speaking Bible school, all in the Alicante area.

New Page Ministries is a faith-based ministry: all the work (producing videos, biblical counseling sessions, retreats for workers etc.) is made possible by donations through God´s grace.

Your donation can help in many ways. It can help produce and distribute new videos or other equipping materials. It can contribute to the BOAT Fellowship in Alicante. It can be used to sponsor a retreat for a missionary, or sponsor biblical counseling sessions for a young believer who also came out of New Age teachings.

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INGRID_BO_photo.jpgMeet the Leaders: Ingrid and Bo

Ingrid: Ingrid was born in the Netherlands and has been into modern spirituality and New Age teachings for over 35 years. She supported individuals, teams and organizations as a coach, counselor and consultant. In 2018 God revealed Himself clearly to Ingrid through His word, the Bible. After her conversion she started her training as a Biblical counselor with ACBC and ABC. She now is a certified Biblical counselor and serves God through her work as a Biblical counselor, online and locally, in Spain.

Bo: Bo was born in the Netherlands and has also been into modern spirituality and New Age teachings for over 35 years. She has a bachelor in Arts (liberal arts, photography, video, multimedia design) and has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. In 2018 God opened her eyes through His creation and showed her the truth (as in Romans 1:18-23) and from that moment on she only wanted to serve Him with the talents He had given her. She serves with IAMoneworld creative ministry as part of New Page Ministries, online and locally, in Spain

Thank you for your willingness and generosity to financially support New Page Ministries: “From New Age to God’s Word.” We are honored by your gift and grateful for your focus on God’s Kingdom and God’s Word.

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