Light for the Soums


Mongolia has two sides to it; one side is the city where you can find modern conveniences and job opportunities. The other side is the rural area of Mongolia where people live in small towns called Soum centers.

A Soum is the equivalent of a county. These towns are far apart, lacking job opportunities and many basic conveniences such as running water, internet, or access to products. People have multiple jobs in order to take care of their families.

Christians are far and few apart and sometimes there might be a church in the community. Therefore, the need to support these few local leaders with better job opportunities so they can continue to serve the community and provide access to the gospel and discipleship is great. 

The funds are intended to benefit local leaders that we have met through our ministry and after conversations with them we have identified specific needs. For example, a sewing machine for a shoemaker, or clipping equipment for a barber. 

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