Heart, Mind, and Soul

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Support Evangelism Among Unreached People Groups

Over 24 percent of the world’s population is Muslim. Over 15 percent is Hindu. And these are just two of the increasingly diverse belief systems
growing within American communities.

Christ calls us to engage our neighbors from different religious and cultural backgrounds with the gospel.

ABWE’s Heart, Mind, and Soul series is designed to help believers build redemptive relationships with unbelieving individuals in their communities. Through each interactive seminar, believers are equipped to lovingly engage specific people groups in a biblically and culturally appropriate manner.

Each seminar sheds light on common misconceptions between differing people groups and Christians, which helps attendees better understand the core beliefs, feelings, and values often found in each community, and how to best engage them with the gospel.

We currently have two seminars—focused on reaching Muslims and LGBTQ individuals—and are developing a third for Hindus. The Muslim seminar has been successfully taught to missionaries, churches, and lay Christians, and now the course and workbooks need to be updated and expanded.

We need financial partners to help us revise the Muslim curriculum and develop the Hindu seminar. Would you join us in the vital ministry of training individuals and churches to reach the unreached in their communities?

To finish
developing all-new Hindu Seminar
To update and redesign
Muslim Seminar
the N. American Church
to reach people in North America

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