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Walking out of the Peruvian clinic, Marlen closed her eyes. Her child’s heartbeat echoed in her memory. It was so strong, as if begging, Mommy, don’t kill me!    


She sighed and wiped a tear away. Too late. The deed was done. The heart wasn’t going to beat again. 


But Marlen’s pain hadn’t begun that day. Since childhood, the abuse and neglect she’d suffered at the hands of her father made escape a dream. Relief.   


But her gnawing hunger for safety and love followed her into adulthood, driving her into the arms of her baby’s father.    


So, when Marlen realized she was pregnant, she was excited—at first.  


“I remember clearly when the doctor did the ultrasound. I was seven weeks pregnant. And the baby’s heartbeat was so strong, so intense. It’s engraved here in my heart and my mind,” Marlen said.  


But her boyfriend didn’t react to the news well.  


The doctor had reassured her the procedure would be easy and affect her afterwards. So, she’d let herself believe that this was what was best for her.  


Now, Marlen could do nothing to escape the consequences of her decision.  


Despite her choice, her boyfriend still left her.  


Now, here she was. Desperate and alone, again. 


For years, Marlen wandered on in a fog of loneliness, consumed by grief and lacking purpose—until one day, someone invited her to a Bible study. They talked about sin, and Marlen’s broken heart soaked up every word as they talked about the saving and restoring power of Christ. 


That night, she pled with God for forgiveness, uttering the word “abortion” for the first time in decades. 


In an instant, her life was changed. 


“I longed so much to have a father, and [God] represents that to me now—my Father, my beloved, my whole life, everything,” Marlen said.   


Marlen shared her pain with a friend, who pointed her to ABWE’s New Life Prenatal Center in Peru. The missionary she met there radiated love as she counseled Marlen through her post-abortion recovery, even several years later. 


As Marlen was restored through knowing Christ, she felt a growing passion for the other women who came to the center. These days, Marlen pours her life into the young women who walk through New Life’s doors, inspired by the godly workers around her and her renewed sense of purpose. Once a wounded woman desperately seeking relief, Marlen now offers hope to others—as the Peruvian director of the pro-life pregnancy center. 

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28.4% of women aborted out of fear of losing their partner.
99% of abortions occur outside of the US.
97% of pro-life funds are spent inside the US.

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