Greater Lisbon Christian Academy


Greater Lisbon Christian Academy (GLCA) overlooks the city of Lisbon, Portugal. It is a K-12 school with a student body of approximately 50 students from a dozen or more countries and 10-12 staff members. Many of our students are children of missionaries. Others are international students who are not from Christian families, but come to us desiring an English education. GLCA has the opportunity to educate, evangelize, and disciple all in one place.

The opportunity to make a spiritual impact through Christian Education in Portugal is great. Many of the missionary families who send their children to our school were either drawn to or remain in Portugal because of GLCA. GLCA enables teammates and other tent-makers to serve the community, evangelize, and build relationships with unbelievers with the goal of sharing the hope of Christ.

GLCA is a member school of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

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GLCA School Teachers

Greater Lisbon Christian Academy is seeking elementary and secondary teachers for a variety of subjects at our school in Lisbon, Portugal.

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