The Goroka Project: New Life for Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a land of great spiritual need, its remote, rugged landscape isolating over 800 language groups traditionally steeped in spiritism. But for the past 50 years, Goroka Baptist Bible College has been shining a light in this darkness, training a new generation of leaders, while its partner ministry, the Seigu Medical Clinic, offers new life to the vulnerable through Christ. 

When Christ sent his disciples to “the ends of the earth,” there is no doubt he had places like Papua New Guinea in mind. 

Tucked far away in the southwestern Pacific, Papua New Guinea and its 600 islands are often marked by a challenging mixture of tribal conflict, superficial forms of Christianity, and spirit worship—resulting in spiritual warfare and a weakened church. Ethnic strife and widespread violence have led to a culture that devalues life. Rape is prevalent, and false teaching about the nature of human life results in widespread abortion, abandoning infants, and shaming women. And far too often, the church’s life-giving witness is compromised by legalism and syncretism. 

But in Papua New Guinea’s Goroka district, God’s kingdom is advancing against the darkness. Since its start in 1974 as a ministry of ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism), Goroka Baptist Bible College (GBBC) has graduated nearly 500 Papua New Guineans as leaders in local churches across 16 provinces. Its mission: training tomorrow’s Christian leaders today, empowering the national church to transform communities with the love of Christ long after foreign missionaries are gone. 

On the same campus in Goroka, the Seigu Clinic was founded in 1991. Today, more than 20,000 patients visit the clinic each year, receive medical care and hear the gospel. Along the way, hundreds of unborn and newborn lives have been saved—and families oppressed by spiritual darkness have been restored, reached by the witness of clinic staff and healthy, indigenous churches.

Papua New Guinea can be redeemed through the power of the gospel, starting in Goroka. But change must take place for another generation of impact.

The Goroka Project exists to renew and expand the facilities of both ministries for a new generation of changed lives. With a goal of expanding the college to accommodate more than 200 students, the Goroka Project will supply the necessary facilities and infrastructure to allow GBBC to continue to grow and serve the people of Papua New Guinea.

Built in 1977, GBBC has long needed renovation and expansion, limiting the college’s ability to serve the growing student body. Likewise, the clinic building, last remodeled in 2003, desperately needs to be replaced and expanded to meet the needs of the high volume of patients.

The project will also help establish a strong partnership with the national community, ensuring that GBBC and the Seigu Clinic are equipped to carry out their mission for years to come—training leaders for the national church and bringing new life to a new generation through the gospel. This cannot be achieved without your help. $6.7 million is needed to complete the Goroka Project. Through your generosity, we can help bring hope and renewal to Papua New Guineans living in spiritual darkness. 

Let’s help the believers of Papua New Guinea bring new life to their nation, saving lives and training leaders for the church, through the Goroka Project. 

Video credit: Our friends, Jordan and Cassie Timpy from Agape Visuals. Learn more about their media ministry here.

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