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It’s never been easier for you to help a missionary.

Missionaries have a high and holy calling. But they cannot reach the world’s more than three billion unreached alone. 

Every missionary needs biblical training, accountability, leadership, encouragement, help communicating with their supporters, and guidance when something goes wrong. 

The Global Gospel Fund helps missionaries every day by providing these crucial services. 

Why? So that missionaries can be free to focus on the ministry God called them to. 

In addition to providing crucial support for missionaries, the Global Gospel Fund also advances the gospel in other ways, like: 

  • Helping send a new team to an unreached people group in Asia 
  • Saving a gospel-focused pregnancy center in Peru from shutting down 
  • Supporting medical missions in the Philippines 
  • Funding grants for church planters in North America

Your gift makes a real difference to 1,000 missionaries across the world. 

Nearly a century ago, Dr. Raphael Thomas founded what became ABWE with a vision of partnering together to advance the gospel above all. The next hundred years will not be like the last. Together, let’s lay a foundation to sustain a missions movement into a changing world.

Supporting 1,000 Missionaries
Reaching 84 Countries
$80 Monthly Pledge
helps provide numerous benefits to all 1,000 missionaries

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