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The Heart, Mind & Soul: LGBTQ Seminar is an interactive seminar that is designed to help believers build grace and truth relationships with unbelieving individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. Throughout the seminar, we take the believer on a journey that guides them towards loving and engaging LGBTQ+ individuals in a biblically, culturally, and actionably-appropriate manner.

The seminar sheds light on some common misconceptions between the LGBTQ+ community and Christians, which helps you and your church better understand the core beliefs, feelings and values often found in this community. Your church members will come away equipped to build relationships based on both grace and truth with the LGBTQ+ person in their workplace, neighborhood or family.

Gives one church the tools it needs
to build relationships with the LGBTQ+ person in its community
Equips one Christ-follower
to build a relationship with the LGBTQ+ person in their life

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God Never Wastes Your Pain

When Anna returned from Togo after her brother’s death, she felt compelled to reach others with the truth.

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