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The North America Compassion Fund is used to provide relief and resources to local churches in disaster impacted areas during hurricanes, tornados, fires, earthquakes, or other disasters natural or man-made in North America.  

Relief funds are carefully distributed through ABWE’s church network for local community outreach and gospel witness. We see during these times of desperation and destruction that calls for physical help from the North American church are more prevalent and hearts are often softened to the gospel. We pray for multiple opportunities to share the gospel as clean up efforts begin following Hurricane Ian

ABWE desires to serve the local church and looks to comes along aside in relief efforts when disasters like Hurricane Ian strike and church families and communities are in need.

Gifts made to the North America Compassion Fund will be directed to crisis relief efforts in North America where needed most to provide relief and reach the lost with the gospel.

This fund is used
to support local church relief outreach efforts
Offering support for
rebuilding and relief efforts in impacted communities during times of crisis
ABWE believes
sharing the gospel during times of crisis is crucial, offering physical relief and eternal hope through outreach

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