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Bring Hope to the Middle East in Times of Crisis

Across the Middle East, communities are facing not only natural disasters but also the ravages of ongoing conflict and war. The human toll is staggering, with thousands of lives lost and countless more grappling with loss, grief, and displacement. Immediate relief efforts are underway, yet the road to recovery and peace is long and fraught with challenges.

Our ABWE teams and partners on the ground are working closely with established churches to initiate outreach programs. These initiatives aim to provide essential needs and share the hope found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our local church networks are deeply involved in supporting communities through these crises, serving both immediate and long-term needs.

An ABWE missionary in the region shares: "Our focus extends beyond the immediate crisis. While meeting urgent needs is crucial, we are also working through local churches to offer the enduring hope of the gospel."

The Middle East Compassion Fund is designed to provide timely aid, practical resources, and spiritual hope during crises. This fund is essential for bolstering our missionaries who are actively involved in communities facing adversity.

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The need is great and the time is now. Many of our brothers and sisters have lost loved ones, homes, and entire communities. Stories of loss are heartbreaking, such as a pastor and his wife who went to be with the Lord, leaving behind their young son. Amidst this tragedy, the immediate need for basic supplies and relief is amplified as winter sets in and temperatures drop.

Would you join us in extending a helping hand to those in dire physical and spiritual need? A gift of any size will make a tangible difference in the lives of those who are suffering.

We are deeply grateful for the churches and ministry partners who have already stepped up to bring hope in the midst of chaos.

Gifts made to the Middle East Compassion Fund will be utilized for relief in various crises across the region, whether natural or man-made, to provide humanitarian aid while proclaiming the gospel to the lost.

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