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Bring Hope to Turkey and Syria 

On February 6th, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck central Turkey and western Syria with several neighboring countries also feeling the devastating impact. The death toll from this disaster is above 35,000 and rising. We’ve seen immediate relief efforts and dramatic rescues of men, women, and the smallest of children but clean up and restoration after a near-record breaking disaster will take years.

The impacted area is large. We have ABWE teammates and partners in the region coordinating with established churches to begin outreach opportunities, assisting others with basic necessities, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our church network is already at work reaching out to impacted communities and organizing relief efforts.

An ABWE missionary in the region says: “The relief efforts will be ongoing for many months, and preparation needs to focus beyond the immediate situation. We also seek to support the effort through local churches in the area to provide the hope of the gospel.”  

The Middle East Compassion Fund provides aid, practical resources, and the hope of the gospel during times of crisis, when extra support is needed for our missionaries reaching impacted communities facing disaster. 


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Thousands have lost everything. Our brothers and sisters in the area have lost loved ones, their homes, and their communities. One pastor and his wife we know of over the first 48-hours went to be with their Savior while their young son survived. Not 24 hours before his death, this pastor preached on the resurrection of the believers. Our hearts break for this young boy that has lost his parents and thousands of others dealing with loss and grief just like this. The need for basic supplies and relief is great as winter is upon the area and temperatures have been low.

Would you help us bring aid to those hurting, grieving, and in need of the gospel? A gift of any size will help bring relief to someone in desperate physical and spiritual need.

We praise God for the churches and ministry partners already opening their doors to bring hope during a time of chaos.

*Gifts made to the Middle East Compassion Fund will be used for relief in the region for the current earthquake crisis or other similar crises that arise in the region in the future to assist in humanitarian aid while reaching the lost with the gospel.


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