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Beautiful Feet exists to spread the Good News of God's love by founding, training and equipping pregnancy ministries world-wide. Beautiful Feet International has 19 pregnancy ministries throughout Togo.

Beautiful Feet trains churches to use pregnancy ministry as a means of reaching communities with the Gospel. They equip nationals to protect the lives of the unborn by loving, teaching and empowering mothers to choose life through the power of Christ. They meet weekly with mothers throughout pregnancy and baby's first year for one-on-one evangelism and discipleship.

It is important to partner with Beautiful Feet because God is using this ministry to save the lives of hundreds of unborn children and bring salvation to their mothers. Many Muslim are being saved through this ministry. The need is great. There are many more villages in need of pregnancy ministry in Togo.

If God is moving your heart to protect mothers and babies in Togo and beyond, there are many ways to get involved-join the prayer team,sign up for the newsletter, invite Beautiful Feet to speak to your church or group, give as God leads, participate in World Walk for Life.

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Ken and Melissa Heiland

Missionaries with Beautiful Feet International, a ministry that founds, trains, and equips pregnancy centers worldwide.