Balkan Ministry Center and Apartment

Central Europe

In this predominately Muslim country, there is a great need for patience and deep relationships to be built and fostered over time. There is a growing team of missionaries and frequent short-term teams who together are showing God's love through education and sports ministry.

This building will provide guest housing for short term volunteers (on the third floor), a two-bedroom apartment for the missionary family who will have oversight of the property (on the second floor), and a first-floor ministry space for the entire team of missionaries to utilize in the following ways:

Part-Time Coffee Shop

The café culture is very prevalent in this country, but most people are reluctant to ask questions or talk about faith in public. The coffee shop will provide a place where missionaries can invite people to come and talk more freely. The aim will be less about meeting new people who walk in off the street (although that may happen sometimes too) and more about having a place that can be open at specific times to deepen the relationships that have already been started. 

English Café & Art/Music Events

The team of Americans is often approached by people who already speak English but want more opportunities to practice and improve their language abilities. The plan is to host “English Coffee Talks” and invite these individuals to come and just spend time with believers so that they can improve their English skills and get to know followers of Christ. Similarly, the team plans to host art and music nights at the café which will give them opportunities to deepen relationships in the community.

Student Center

Students at the school are often looking for opportunities to spend time with each other and with teachers. The ministry center and coffee shop will provide a place where students can go to hang out or meet with teachers outside of school. This will give teachers more opportunities and more freedom to have spiritual conversations which they cannot always have in school. 

Bible Studies

Currently, there are several home Bible study groups meeting around the city and this building will provide a place to gather all of the groups together for joint times of prayer and worship. 

Sports Ministry Mentor Meetings

As the team's sports ministries grow, there is a need for a place where mentor and discipleship meetings with players can happen regularly. 

Coffee & Evangelism
providing a safe space to talk about Christ
Bible Studies
A place where individual study groups can gather together
Sports Ministry/Mentorship

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ESL Teachers

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